The Reverend Larry


What do I charge for my services?

My fee to officiate a wedding is $75.  If one or both of you are veterans of the U.S. military or active duty military, then it is only $50.  (I am a veteran myself and want to help my brothers and sisters.  I do,  however, require proof such as military ID or DD-214.)  .  I require a $20 nonrefundable deposit once we agree that I'll do the wedding.  I usually use PayPal for this.  This is due to the fact that in the past, I've shown up to weddings, and without warning, the bride/groom brings in someone else to officiate, then I am completely out of pocket.  This deposit helps ensure that I will be paid something for my time, and likely if they decide to cancel my services, they will tell me ahead of time and save both of us a hassle.  Then on the day of you can pay the rest, or if you want to pay for the whole thing up front that works, too.  But, I don't offer refunds if the wedding is canceled for any reason so if you pay completely up front, it's non refundable.

If the wedding is long distance (out of state or more than 50 miles) then I will require additional money for gas/transportation from anywhere between $25 and $50, depending on the distance traveled
I love cash, but I have the ability to accept credit card payments as well.  No checks.
I can make it religious if you wish, but that isn't required.  Christian, Pagan, it doesn't matter in my eyes.  Or, I can do a simple "Do you?  Do you?" if you just want to be legally married.  The main thing for me is to fill out the paperwork for you.  In Texas, the couple buys their marriage license but I am the one who fills it out and returns it to the proper clerk's office. 
In this new world of tolerance, I also will perform your ceremony if you're a same-sex couple.  Doesn't matter to me as long as it is recognized by the State.  We all  have the right to be bound body and soul to the love of our life. 
If you are ready and I am available, contact me.
And, as I mention on the "About Me" page, I don't have the ability to secure a venue.  The responsibility falls on you for that.  I only show up and perform the officiating and handle filling out my part of the license and mailing it to the county clerk's office, which they should have provided a self-addressed envelope for.  If not, make sure you have the proper address for me to mail it to. 

DON'T FORGET TO OBTAIN A MARRIAGE LICENSE FIRST!  I had people not bring one to the wedding, thinking it was my responsibility.  You must go to get the license from your local county clerk.